Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some examples of questions previously asked by our customers.

Will it be obvious that I’m wearing a wig?

No, the wigs I stock are so natural looking that many women choose to wear them as a fashion statement.
Depending on your budget you can spend from $250 to $1500 on a wig that will look very natural on you. You can choose between a synthetic wig and a human hair wig however with the human hair, wigs falling into the higher price bracket. Whichever you choose, your wig will look great.

I’m undergoing chemotherapy so which would be the easiest wig for me to look after?

Synthetic wigs are a good choice for a number of reasons.  They are very easy to look after, they are style set, meaning your curls, waves or straight-haired wig will maintain their shape and style even after washing. Also, synthetic wigs are recommended by medical professionals due to the fact that they do not harbour bacteria.

Are human hair wigs better?

Human hair wigs are great but are also high maintenance and more expensive. Just as you would with your own hair you will need to style a human hair wig every couple of days and definitely each time after you wash it. Human hair wigs can be a good option if you are after a long length.

Sometimes I can’t find a hat to fit because I have a large head – do wigs come in different sizes?

Yes absolutely, although not in as many styles as the average-sized head wig.
You can rest assured that your wig will be professionally fitted and adjusted to ensure maximum comfort. Heads come in all shapes and sizes - and wig manufacturers are aware of this. Adjustable tabs are provided to adjust the wig to the perfect fit. I carry petite and large sizes.

I feel embarrassed because my hair is thinning and I’ve noticed family photos where I have been snapped from behind, my bald patch is showing as I suffer with alopecia. Can you help me?

You are not alone.  Women lose hair for all sorts of reasons - chemotherapy, radiation, stress or alopecia.  Whatever the reason for your hair loss, I have the answer to restore your dignity and to have you feeling and looking your best again.  There is no shame in hair loss but let’s face it, a woman’s crowning glory is her hair, and when our hair doesn’t sit right or look good, we don’t feel our best.  In short, there is a wig for every woman, for every occasion, every colour, shape and style.  Wigs for everyday wear, wigs for weddings, you name the occasion - I can suggest and provide the wig.

Do you recommend I wear a wig because I am now completely bald from my chemotherapy treatment?

This is more about how you feel yourself.  There is no definitive answer that applies to each and every woman.  As well as an extensive range of wigs you might like the option of a wearing a beautiful turban, sun-cap, scarf, or a stylish head wrap.
Some women experience a feeling of empowerment by organising a wig before chemo; this enables me to match your wig with your current style and colour.  It’s harder for women to be bald, in that it’s not the norm, so having a wig to go shopping, collect the children from school or for that special occasion can be an advantage.  My experience has been that once women get over the initial shock of diagnosis, they quickly fall into the practical side of things and having a wig and headwear on standby is a decision that they are happy with.

Will my wig suit me? I’m worried about matching a wig to the shape of my face and I want a style and colour that suits me?

I have extensive experience in the art of matching each client with a style, colour and texture that will enhance your looks.  Many different looks can be obtained from just one wig.  I make my recommendation based on my experience and training - looking at your skin tone, eye colour and your natural hair colour.  Most styles of wigs can come in up to 24 different colours so I can make a great match for your hair.  Wigs can be styled and straightened to achieve a gorgeous sleek look or alternatively styled, very easily, to add lots of volume.  As well as a beautiful extensive range of colours, wigs also come featuring streaks or even regrowth.

What is the best way to care for my wig? Do I need to purchase additional products to care for my new wig?

You need to purchase wig shampoo & conditioner.  It is important to note NOT to use normal hair shampoo & conditioner products on your wig as they contain many ingredients that are not suitable for synthetic hair.  You will also need a good wig brush and a wig drying/storing rack to care for and store your wig properly.

Synthetic Wig Care
Your wig is so easy to care for because the hair is made from superior quality materials.  Following these easy instructions will ensure the longevity of your new purchase.
* Brush your wig very gently.
* In a small bucket/basin add a small amount of wig shampoo and gently swirl the wig in water.
* Rinse thoroughly in cold water ensuring that you remove all shampoo from the wig.
* Gently pat dry your wig after you lay it on a towel.  Make sure you pat the wig – DO NOT rub or wring it.  DO NOT brush the wig whilst it is wet as it can ruin the style permanently.
* Spray with revitalizing mist when it is completely dry and brush gently.  The mist acts as a conditioning agent and adds a beautiful luster.  Your wig can now be shaken or brushed into your preferred style.  Remember to brush the wig from the bottom up with long styles.
* Wash and condition your wig regularly. Depending on the environment, temperature it is normal to wash your wig every 10-15 wears.
* Take time to store your wig as recommended.  Laying long wigs down and placing short wigs on the rack.  Do not fold your wig.
* Wigs are not flammable however extreme heat can damage them.  You need to be aware when opening ovens & dishwashers to stand back to let the initial burst of heat or steam escape.  There is no fire risk, however, extreme heat will damage wig fibers. BBQ’s are another area where you need to be conscious not to allow the wig to come into contact with too much heat.  This can cause your wig to frizz and become brittle. There is no fire hazard.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes, I offers a mobile wig service.  I come to you with an extensive range of wigs for you to choose from.  My service is discreet and your confidentiality is maintained at all times.  My cars do not advertise who I am because it’s up to you to tell your neighbours and friends if and when you want to.  I am casually dressed, there’s no company uniform or logo’s displayed on our bags etc.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply call me on 0407 896 415 and I’ll book you in for an obligation-free appointment.  Appointments generally last on average 2 hours or so. Please allow enough time in your diary. I can usually make an appointment for you within a few days of your initial call.
Alternatively complete the enquiry form on our Contact page and I will receive an email and I can either email back or phone you direct.

Can I purchase a wig on the day?

I carry around 600 wigs at all times plus a huge range of headwear.  If you choose a wig on the day you can purchase it on the spot.  If a particular colour or style is required that I don't have in stock, it can take up to approximately two weeks to fulfill your order.

How do I pay?

I accept payment by cash, cheque, Eftpos, credit card or over the phone.
Can I claim on my wig through health insurance?
All health funds are different. If you pay into Extras you will most likely be entitled to a rebate of up to 2 wigs per year - providing that you obtain a letter from your doctor advising you need a wig due to medical reasons (chemotherapy). You will need to contact your fund to confirm if you are eligible.

How do I organise wigs for larger groups of women?

Women have wigs for all different reasons. A lot of people keep a wig in their wardrobe for those special occasions. Some women like to get some friends together to have a wig party and I cater to these occasions.
Also if you are involved in a social club or retirement village I am available to come along and do a presentation for you.